A Letter I Received

My boyfriend’s mother did this thing called Donors Choose for me, which is a charity that allows you to choose who gets the money you donate (hence the name.)  Mrs. Mom-of-Boyfriend gave part of my money to a classroom in Brooklyn that needed new Netbooks and publishing programs.  Yesterday, I got a package of thank you letters from the students.  The following is my favorite:

Dear ID,

You are the best people ever!  You will change me and my classmates life at school.  You’ll never know thankful I am for letting us have two netbooks, ink and large sized newspaper and magazines.  The two extra netbooks will give my classmate more chances to research the ink to print homework and stuff, and the large sized newspapers/magazines, so we can act like real newspaper publishers and editors.

I am lighthearted to have this website.  The items is going to make our life easier and more funner than ever.  If there wasn’t someone like you, we’d never have a better life.  Oh, thank you so much, ID.  You have already change our life.  You’re the best!

Yours Truly,



Now my problem is… do I throw these cute little notes away?  There was definitely a Seinfeld about this…

2 Responses to “A Letter I Received”

  1. A relative Says:

    Let me know what you decide as I got a very nice thank you note from a visitor that came to our house for the holidays.

  2. Robert Says:

    Save Everything is their motto, or did I make that up? Evernote.com

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