Who Can I Call?

When I used to work for a literary agent, I would get sometimes query letters from people writing books about how the government tried to steal their brains, etc.  I would often wonder if I should call Adult Protective Services in their respective neighborhoods to have someone check in on them, but refrained.  Now at my current job, I’ve gotten an inquiry similarly insane from a former hometown of mine.  Here goes:

Dear xxxx,

Please consider my proposal.  I hope it will fit the need of your publishing house.

Self help it’s what I have done to save my son who was near to kill himself when a jealous family member spells a curse to him.

With a PhD in psychology and psychoanalysis, I wasn’t trained to fight curses and Satan.  I learn a lot and our life change forever.  It’s my duty to share my successful happy end story “Challenging Satan” to help so many people who struggle for a peaceful life and will be interested to know what to do to take out a curse.  I am a well-known author of books in France: new age and travel.

I always autographed my books and give my email address to stay in touch with the readers.

I give also conferences in Universities.

Doing promotion for thousand of artists for 40 years (I am owner of a museum); I love to work with the Medias.

I am finishing 3 others books: My ghost tells me, French Riviera and After Life Report, with pleasure since in America it’s no restriction about New Age.

Thank you in advance, for reading the synopsis with table of contents and to look over my proposal.

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