Parisian Menu

A list of meals enjoyed (or considered) by New York Times writer Amy M. Thomas while in Paris:

1. creme-filled pain aux raisins

2. the Cornet Vegetarien –– a sandwich of fresh greens, grated carrots and fennel, marinated onions and thinly sliced avocado, dressed with olive oil and honey and dusted with chives and lime zest

3. Sauteed squid with oranges and green olives and a “delicious” bottle of Cotes-du-Rhone

4. A dollop of mozzarella dusted with black pepper and vanilla

5. Pear crumble served with buckwheat ice cream and grapefruit compote

6. Oyster tapioca with blood sausage and dried duck meat

7. Smoked herring marinated in olive oil and served with pickled onions

8. Steamed cod and baby spinach

9. Bespoke millefeuille

10. Rose, chocolate and pistacho macarons

11. Endive, walnut, Stilton cheese, apple salad

12. John Dory with coriander, lime, and tomato compote

13. Black cod with daikon

14. Brochettes of Parmesan covered salsifis

15. A melange of banana, passion fruit, rum, granite, and cream

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