Gem from Disney World

My friend NZ just attended what sounds like a great wedding at Disney World (who knew?!) and regaled me with a tale of drunken Magic Kingdom antics…

NZ: So after this whole wedding reception we went to a dance hall and i got bombed of jagerbombs and champagne…we ended up getting kicked out of the bar (disney banned they called it) at around 1:45 am after drinking since noon… so I have to pee and I am on the look out for a bathroom and running all over (everything is shut down at this point) All the boys are trying to stop one of our friends from beating up the bouncer and the bride and groom are by the water having a romantic moment. ….
  i stumble upon a “concession stand” that seem likes there may be a bathroom inside.. there isnt..but there is 1000 stuffed animals
that i start collecting like the building is burning down
  after i grab 2 jumbo sonic the hedgehogs 4 flamingos, 2 toucans, a giant monkey and a minnie mouse
  i flop out of the tent
  and scream
  fall over straddling the hedgehog
 the bride and groom were on the floor crying they were laughing so hard
  security didnt even stop me
  they let me have all the stuffed animals and i handed them out to cab drivers and children checking into the hotel
  didnt remember any of this until i woke up in bed with sonic
  and was paranoid the wholleee entire day i was going to disney jail
 ID: that’s the best story i ever heard
NZ: apparently there is a picture someone took, i have yet to see it but i will send it to you if i it turns up 🙂

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