When Family Members Go Native Nutso

My friend Lady B sent me this hilarious email she received from from her aunt, who divorced her uncle a while ago and has now found a new path in Native American spirituality.  (She is not, fyi, a Native American.)

P sent you a message.


hey Lady B it has been a very long time since I have seen you and your parents…quess I didn’t realize when i had to divorce Steven I end up losing 3 great people. You are all grown up… I heard you can speak several languages including sanskrit…way to go !
i don’t know where you are at spiritually( not religion) in your life…but I have been following the native path for a very long time and it has evolved to I guess you can say to the origin where religion came about.
My first vision I had was in 1996 and pretty much i have been evolving since. I have been following this path of awaking since and it has been very challenging. Hardest part right now is being away from L. We talk each day..but miss hugging her… But we both know she and I and others have a greater task that involves the earth and all that inhabit it in the next year and half.

Guess I am putting out there for you for spirit has a reason for me to contact you after all these years…. I have a feeling you are experiencing things that you may or not understand…. Is your ears been ringing unusual? Seeing sequential numbers like 11:11…  Not matter what let me how you are doing.. say hi to Mom and Dad for me.. Many blessings to you and your family P
Phone # …live in North Dakota now near my husband’s reservation.

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