Words You Can Type With Just Your Left Hand

wed wet war wad was wave waves waved ere err rad red ref rev rate rates rated race raced races rage raged rages tar tad tear tears teared tare tares tread treads treaded tag frat fat fed fad fads few fade fades faded fare fares fared fart farts farted fear feared fears ferrets ferret frats free freed face faced faces fast faster fastest facet fact facts fax faxes faxed feast feasted feasts fate fates fated gas gassed gat gad gate gated gates garret garrets gave get great greater greatest grate grates grated graft grafted grafts tree trees tress tresses sea seas seed see set sets sat stats stat state stated states seat seats seated stag cease ceased ceases sad sadder saddest read reads reader reds rear rears area areas steer steers steered stare stared stab stabbed beat beats berate berated beret berets brat brats barter bartered barters steed geese grease greases greased greed bare bared bread bad bed bar brace braces braced beet beets barf barfed cede cedes cat cats scat scats scared scares cares cared far wager waged wages swag sage sages cast casts casted crater craters caveat caveats cravat cravats vase vases sever severed veer veers veered water waters watered weeder erase erases erased era eras ear ears eared tear tears teared trade traded trades trace traces traced tee teed trader traders raw drawer drawers draw draws dare dared dares dead sew sews tesseract wars warred bear bears watt watts swat swats swatted vet vetted save saved stave staved swerved swerve swerves serve served serves vest vested vests date dated dates fret fretted frets facet facets faceted fact facts refracts sewer sewers seaweed taser safe safer safest

I could go on but it’s time for me to leave work now, and spend my time doing better things 😉

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