A Dilemma

I’ve never once been mistaken for pregnant, mostly because I resemble the fetus of a china doll, an issue I will explore in an essay on the downside of youthful looks (which, if published by Vogue, will be titled something simple and chic with only a hint of sass like, “What’s Youth Got to Do With It?” whereas if posted on xojane.com or another snarffy –– snark + fluff = snarky -– will like be titled something more outrageous like, “I Look Like the Fetus of a China Doll, So FUCK YOU!”) BUT I do have friends who are not fat but who have maybe gone through periods where they’ve had a little extra padding on them and have been horrified when a wannabe good samaritan has offered up his/her seat on the Q line.  So… what does one do when pleasantly perched on the bench and faced with a woman who is just-on-the-edge, plump but not full-bellied quite yet?  Risk shattering the self-esteem of a young woman in an effort to be gracious, or sit tight and look like an asshole?

One Response to “A Dilemma”

  1. Matt Says:

    Slowly get up, while refusing to make eye contact with the woman in question or anyone else on the train.

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