A Note I Found in an Old Book Addressed to David Markson

Regarding an annotated Reader’s Block, a project I intend to complete still, despite the author’s death:

August 4, 2008

Dear Mr. Markson,

I like pencil despite the potential problems in its utilization.  I apologize if this note arrives smudged and/or barely readable.

Approximately two months ago, I recommended The Last Novel to a friend of mine, who enjoyed it thoroughly and wrote you a note expressing such (I assume.)  I admit I was a little jealous of her for thinking of this first.  In my mind, the book “belonged” to me, spiritually at least, though in fairness, the book was given to me as a gift (with a note preceding: “Never has a book reminded me more of you.”  This statement ended up being disturbing upon my learning the fate of Novelist.)

The last paragraph came off egotistical, in a way.  Again, apologies.

In any case, I bought Reader’s Block a few weeks [ago, sic] and consumed it rather quickly (not sweet, like a bonbon or a Lifesaver, but salty and meaty and a bit mysterious… a heart of palm, maybe?)  Upon completing it, I immediately turned back to the beginning, having decided to research all (maybe) the dots.  It was an urge I didn’t want to fight, an endeavor I imagined would be instructive and enjoyable, even if in a torturous way (hurts so good, as John Mellencamp would say.)  I was going to send it to you when I was finished but I realized a little while in that it may take a while.  Though I did my best to avoid Wikipedia, the document may appear to be the lackluster attempt of an amateur.  Apologies, the IIIrd.  I hope you can view it as a love note to your work, as a testament to how wonderfully influential and inspiring it is, if only to this tiny, fledgling wordsmith.



PS The numbers correspond logically to the text.

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