Thoughtlet of the Day

You know what galls me to no end?  The A&E show Storage Wars.  All three faithful readers of this blog will know from my e-life (and probably my personal life, as they are my friends, and my dad) that I am a big fan of A&E vicarious misery reality shows (i.e. Hoarders and Intervention, and even Relapse.)  Now, most everyone in the WORLD knows that reality TV shows exist (and in fact most TV shows in general) to allow us to live, if only for half an hour, the INTERESTING life of someone else (heroin addiction, no matter what anyone says, is interesting because it’s inherently dramatic) in order to make us FORGET about our own BORING lives.  So why FUCK with the formula and have a reality show about something as painfully mind-numbing as PERSONAL STORAGE?!  If that is more exciting than us than our daily grinds, then we’re in bigger trouble than we thought.

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