New Words

So a few years ago, my friend KM and I decided that clearly there needed to be terms for the following:

When you hate someone based solely on reputation/stories you’ve heard about them

and the converse of that, when you like someone for that reason.

During this time, I didn’t like the fiancee of KM’s friend’s brother because KM told me all these stories that made her sound like a twee twat (ha!!!) and so we named that term after her and called that process being Leslied.  

The converse was named for a friend of mine KM liked only because I told nice stories about her.  That was called being Helened.

Despite the fact that KM has pointed out to me recently that Helen (the real life Helen) has been, for her, Leslied, the terms will remain the same.

The next word to create is the name for a parent’s first spouse.  On the table is one’s “Pat,” as this is the name of my boyfriend’s father’s first wife.  Vote early, citizens, and vote often.


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