I am planning to propose to A&E (or maybe I’ll go out of pity to TLC first because they always get A&E’s sloppy seconds) a television show a la Hoarders and Intervention but in which the camera follows around for a few days two hardworking folks who make some mistakes, sure, cause they’re human but for the most part are fighting the good fight and trying to be honest people/good parents/nonviolent beings/contributing members of society/decent employees/et al and at the end, there’s a little intervention during which the people in their lives come together to tell them, “Hey, you know what?  You’re pretty great.  Life is tough, I know, but you’re doing okay, and you deserve some slack!”  Then the “interventionist” whisks them away in a white minivan to take them to the airport where they fly off to Malibu or Arizona or somewhere else warm and dry to a spa/self-discovery retreat/private island where they are given fresh meals and early bedtimes and yoga classes galore.

Well done, normal people.  Well done.

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