Unsatisfying Natural Disasters Lead to Poorly Written Blog Posts

I think I blog/write/do in order to keep from feeling idle, which brings forth in me a guilt almost impregnable.  The easiest way of not feeling idle, though, is if external forces make it so that you are participating in something without any real activity on your part.  This is perhaps why I was so thrilled that a hurricane was coming to my area this weekend.  (This the same week as an east coast earthquake –– TGIA = Thank G-d It’s the Apocalypse!)  My roommates and I shopped for supplies (read: liquor) and prepared the Netflix queue and sat in anxious anticipation.  Everythingelse –– blog posts, unfinished essays, existential crises, etc. –– would have to wait until after the storm.  But the storm, unfortunately, never came, and because of its absence the surge of motivation I wanted to do do do also never arrived.  I remain limp without a maelstrom outside to make me stand at attention.

So… here is what I was planning on saying before the storm:

My friend MH and I, much to the amusement of her husband, make lists every season of new clothing we would like, and this past list I wanted to cite a picture of Edie Sedgwick in which she wears a maxi silk (?) dress (gown?) that has sleeves so long they go over her hands, and yet even though I knew I had seen the picture before, I couldn’t find it for the life of me.  Until yesterday, when, biding time, I relapsed on an old addiction (Edie was someone I thought gorgeous when I was young and stylishly sad) and found exactly what I wanted:


She looks pretty badass, yes?  Unfortunately maxi dresses don’t look good on me, as I’m not a waif, but rather a miniature Barbie figure (according to my BF’s sister’s mother-in-law… awkward, I know.)

I straight up “stole” this picture from another blog (run by two teenagers –– I’m assuming –– whose handles are Sienna893 and LilStarGirl or something equally twee and egomaniacal) on which the administrator posted something really silly like, “Please don’t just take these pictures and reblog without giving credit, xoxo!”  You’re probably 14 years old and blogging pictures taken by photographers in the late sixties, and you’re claiming ownership?  Modern life is so sad and empty.

Speaking of sad and empty, one last Edie reference before I leave behind that adolescent fixation until… I am feeling bored and itchy yet again.

I want this necklace:


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