Nobody Recognizes My Genius

Subtitle: So I’m Forced to Brag About it Myself

Pending Magazine Pitch:

Dear Editor,

Sorry for the unsolicited email, but ———– told me you’d be the right person to contact about this.  I am a writer and editor, currently employed at the ———- Publishers in SoHo.  Recently, I have been in contact with a travel group in the UK called The Adventurists –– –– tag line: “Fighting to Make the World A Little Less Boring.”  Since 2001 (unofficially), The Adventurists have been leading races, the first being the Mongol Rally, a race from London to Mongolia in which each team drives a vehicle with an engine size under 1 liter.  Since then, they have added other adventures, including the Rickshaw Rally, which runs through India, the Africa Rally, and the Mototaxi Junket, which runs through Peru.  It’s kind of tourism that’s popular right now amongst the young and disaffected (think ex-bond traders) and the middle-aged and slightly bored –– those with the means to pay to take a big risk.


That’s the background.


In February, they’re doing a trial run of a new adventure, just named “Ice Run” –– a motorcycle (and sidecar) race 1500 kilometers across Siberia.  There will be probably sixteen participants, divided into teams of two.  They’ve invited me on to write about the experience if I can find a publication that would be interested in printing the story.  I haven’t yet decided on the arc of it yet, as I think that will determine itself.  I imagine it to be something like Ian Frazier documenting his travels in Siberia for The New Yorker (except instead of mosquitos there will be just snow and instead of a writer who won’t drink vodka with the natives there will be one who… well, will.)


I’ll admit straightaway: I’m a pipsqueak, both in a journalistic and physical sense.  I graduated from Columbia University in 2006 and the ————— Nonfiction Writing program in 2010.  I write book reviews for the blog, bar reviews for New York Magazine, and my agent recently sent out my first book to publishing houses (fingers crossed.)  I have a blog, of course, but who doesn’t?  Physically, I am five foot nothing with blond hair and cute fingers, which my boyfriend says I will likely lose in my journey across the tundra.  But hey, I’ve worked for Anna Wintour and a terminally ill, tempestuous true crime writer.  I’ve hunted Burmese python in the Florida Everglades (true story.)  I think I can handle it.


If you’re at all interested or want further info (resume, clips, etc.), please be in touch.  I hope you’re having a lovely summer!




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