Reality Check Tuesday

I know we’re all about being nice to transgendered people these days, but let’s be real: it wasn’t Chaz Bono’s “knees” that hindered his performance in the quickstep portion of Dancing with the Stars… it was his fucking OBESITY!


Fuck you, New York Magazine.

Seriously. Fuck you.


2 Responses to “Reality Check Tuesday”

  1. Marisa Says:

    NYmag thinks they are experts in fertility. Between this gross cover article and their expose on birth control, they are sending some seriously misleading and conflicting messages to the women of NYC.

    • itinerantdaughter Says:

      A very excellent point, and put this way, the absurdity of it all (the idea of what is essentially a pop culture magazine purporting themselves as knowledgeable on the subject) really comes into focus. I suggest a strongly worded letter to them.

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