Thank You, LB

I transcribe interviews for a documentary film company for extra dolla dolla dolla billz, and while they make me sign a non-disclosure agreement so I have to be slightly coy about it, I wanted to share with you the following:

A semi-prominent author and historian commenting on the subject of an upcoming documentary, a former Hollywood actress.

“But she was so young.  I mean, she was thirty six… who knows who they are at thirty-six?”

This is excellent news, because I thought 30 was the cut-off for self-exploration, narcissistic inclinations, senseless neuroses and the like!  Now I learn I have at least an extra SIX YEARS before I have to start feeling sad about the fact that I’m not really “together.”  Big sigh of relief!  And this woman is an ACADEMIC, so you know it’s true.  Rejoice with me, children of the Me Generation!  Your second adolescence shall continue!

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