Another Book in the Wall

I would be probably the 8 millionth person to praise the practice of using books as decoration objects, so I won’t.  Instead, I will present you with a small anecdote and then a few images.

When I was living at the bookstore in Paris (“living” used lightly, as I was there for only nine days) the owner, Sylvia Whitman, said that the reason they prohibited customers from taking pictures downstairs was because, among privacy reasons, one woman took a picture of the books, made a wallpaper of the image, and then sold it to Philippe Starck (or something like that… somehow this wallpaper ended up in Philippe Starck hotels.)

I was wondering if perhaps this was the same wallpaper I found the other day on…

I really like it!

… which I must admit I really like!   I even like the use of it in this fake catalog room:


Here is a picture I took at S & Co., which I now use as my desktop background.  Looks almost as cool as the catalog room.


Go ahead, steal it.  If you manage to make some profit off it, just take me out for a glass of wine.

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