Texts from the Past Few Days

IS/PS: I’m stuck in traffic adjacent to a store called interior illusions.  I thought you would appreciate this.


Me: I want to be a stand-up comedian.  Thoughts?
LB: id come.

and i wouldn’t heckle.

Me: Good enough for me.


HW: Hav tmporary phon but it is missing th lttrs btwn c an g.  How phun phor mi.  Gt any sliip last night?


LB: I’m reading about being a Taurus, as if it will help explain the way I am.

Me: Ha!  I’ve never felt like a typical Taurun.  What does it say about us?

LB: Hard-headed pragmatists

Yet inhumanly flexible

Ha.  And we’re susceptible to charm.

Sorry, but this is good.  We enjoy the pleasure of the table and bed.

And, when things aren’t going well, we may sink into an emotional slump for long periods of time.

Me: This all sounds familiar.

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