Whatever Wednesday

ID: feels like thursday i think
CA: omg yes it does
i have been dreading a meeting all day, and its actually tomorrow
ID: well… that’s good
or bad… cause you have to wait anxiously?
CA: no, so much better
i couldnt possibly be more hungover right now
no way i could be articulate in that meeting right now
typing emails is enough of a challenge
ID: oh nooooo!
that is the worst
i know people say that all the time
“that’s the worst!”
but actually being hungover at work is really THE WORST
CA: i can usually deal, but today is roughhhhhhhhhh
ID: was last night fun?
CA: so fun
im supposed to be “taking it easy” this week
so obviously i raged extra hard
my friend was dj-ing at a bar in the east village
ID: why were you supposed to take it so easy?
CA: ive just been on a 24/7 no sleep constant whisky party binge in 2012
i dont know what my deal is
it’s like perpetual spring break, high school style
except i have a job
ID: major bummer
total in cramp in one’s style
CA: i like that sentence
“total in cramp in one’s style”
ID: oops
first “in” not supposed to be there
but sure
CA: everything is funny right now
im gonna tweet that
ID: i know that level of hungover
in which everything is funny
and then also, you are funnier
because you don’t have the strength to censor yourself
CA: ok, i have to send you a picture text
do you get those on yr brick?
ID: yes
CA: ok its important

Text that accompanied picture: "This happened last night. Never been hit on so subtly at Papaya Dog at 3 AM."

can you email from your phone?
CA: i dont know how, but i want to
ID: i don’t know how either
was the person hitting on you cute?
CA: like, waiting drunkenly for the L train eating a sexy hot dog
ID: hahahahaha
CA: not at all. also my roommate and i are both mostly dykes, so it was even better.
barking up the wrong papaya dog*
*see standard disclaimer re: gchats

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