Why Don’t I Have This?

Blogs, as most people know, are places where people act out their fantasies.  “I wish everyone would listen to me” –– with a blog, you can imagine a captive audience.  “I wish I could go traveling to super exotic places all the time” –– DesignTripper.  “I wish I looked and dressed like a celebrity” –– Who What Wear.  “I wish someone would recognize my curatorial talents” –– any and all tumblrs.  “I wish I were a powerful street evangelist whose voice booms through the masses like the wrath of God” –– The Way of the Master.  And then me, wishing people would buy me shit I like, tell me all my conspiracy theories are oh wow, that is brilliant, and my riffs on Scientology and “exhaustion” are hilarious.  In that vein:

Little Eye by Stephanie Simek

Why don’t I have this?  I’ve wanted it for like, two years.  I’ve told multiple people that I covet this necklace.  It’s so cute, and a little creepy –– just like I like ’em.  Maybe I can do something like find ADVERTISERS and do a “Free Give Away!” thing every Thursday –– with all the free trinkets going to yours truly.  What, you think you’d be the winner?  Oh please.

*For some reason, the links aren’t working.  Just Google if you’re interested in DesignTripper or Kirk Cameron’s second career.

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