This is About Me

I have my writing group tonight, and we have decided, as we are very intelligent and efficient ladies, to make every other meeting of ours a WORKING DATE, meaning we have to sit and write away and try not to distract each other too much.  Sadly, all my current projects (or most, anyway) require a mastery of my own snark, and I happen to feel very melancholy/feverish/low energy right now.  What to do?  Must look way back on the docket for something unfinished –– perhaps the story of the child piano prodigy who goes insane while trying to learn John Cage’s “4’33”?

I do so much want this sheet music framed.

Yes, this feels right.  I can do this while listening to Helen Grimaud, and thinking about her strange love of wolves, picturing her as Isabelle Huppert in The Piano Teacher (eek!)  This will all work, right?

But first, a short screening of “What to Eat, How to Get It,” from the archives of Soto Presentando.


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