Staging an Intervention for Someone I Don’t Know

RG: oh btw

i got this message from someone today on that website (music website)


I’m not totally sure why I’m writing you. We talked a couple times at x College years ago. I knew J at the time, visited people there. We talked about languages I think. I was really struck by you, maybe. I think you gave me your email because I remember your screen name… but I’m not sure if I emailed you or, I don’t know. Anyway, I thought I’d try to contact you again. I’m still using the same email address, at least for now. My life is actually really terrible right now, so its probably a bad time to write you but… I followed my dreams and my ideals and that really didn’t work out, so far. But I did remember you. Yeah, write me if you like, hope things are well.


9:55 PM

ID: what!??!

RG: yeah

ID: do you remember this person?

RG: not at all

ID: i can’t believe he said his life is terrible right now


what do i even say to that?

i followed my dreams and ideals


i dont mean to laugh

it’s kind of a cry for help


i’m a little worried about him

way to be defeated

you’re what, like, 26?

you’ve got mad time

if everyone who was kind of a failure at 26 gave up

… we’d be pretty fucked

RG: right

ID: everyone i know is a failure

and you can quote me on that


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