Feeling Cracked, but Obviously Things Could Be Worse!

I took a 6:30 AM bus from DC this morning and still feel a little out of it despite the fact that I got more sleep than I would have if I had taken the bus last night.  My skin also feels dry as… I was going to make a really tasteless joke about Madonna here, but I’ll pass.  Anyway, as you can tell, I’m not really up to this whole WORDS thing, so I will instead excerpt from this pretty amazing article about Courtney Love posted on TheFix.com.  There are many gems in here, but this sentence, bolded, is perhaps the most outrageous:

How she deals with her cravings and addiction:

“I go to twelve-step meetings from time to time, though I have to be careful when I’m selecting meetings. My interest in Buddhism and chanting helps as well. I just hired a Tibetan woman whose entire job is to help me chant. And there are people out there like Tony Robbins [the popular self-help author, life coach and motivational speaker] who I rely on and who get me centered and stable. I don’t think there’s just one right way out of this. I try everything I can.”

Lord help that poor little Tibetan lady.


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