Things I Would Like To Write About

Part of me wants to outline in detail all my pitches here in the hopes that Hamish Bowles or Sally Singer or Sam Tanenhaus or someone editorial at Harper’s will stumble across it and give me mad dough to research all these things, but as that’s unlikely to happen, I will instead give snippets and keep the meat of the ideas for a rainy day.

1. A small Arab bookseller in Jerusalem

2. An ill-fated cult leader in Texas

3. A mysterious grave in Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires

4. The ashram of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, today

5. Going off anti-depressants –– forever

6. And, of course, this:

Hands on a Hardbody, the new musical by Pulitzer Prize winner Doug Wright, Amanda Green and Phish band member Trey Anastasio, will have its world premiere at the La Jolla Playhouse beginning April 27, 2012.

La Jolla Playhouse commissioned the musical based on the 1997 documentary film of the same title about a small-town endurance contest to win a hardbody truck. The musical received a private New York City reading in April.

Neil Pepe (Speed-the-Plow) and Benjamin Millipied (Black Swan), who directed and choreographed the readings, respectively, will return for the La Jolla production that will run through June 10, 2012, in the Mandell Weiss Theatre.

Hands on a Hardbody has a book by Wright (I Am My Own Wife), with a score by composer-lyricist Green (High Fidelity, Bring It On) and Grammy-nominated composer Anastasio.

According to La Jolla, “When an auto dealership in Longview, TX launches an endurance contest, ten economically-strapped strangers embark on a journey that puts their hearts, minds and bodies to the test. The contestant who keeps at least one hand on a brand-new hardbody truck the longest gets to drive it off the lot. What initially seems like a mere publicity stunt soon becomes a soul-baring battle of wills. Only one can win, but for all involved, the truck holds the key to their own private American dream.”

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