Psychology Studies

9 Recent Studies in Psychology That Rendered Horribly Obviously Results (And Two That Are Somewhat Surprising):

“Exercise Makes Us Happy” (Penn State)

“Children Who Get More Exercise Do Better in School” (Vrije Universiteit Free University Medical Center, Amsterdam)

“Online Dating Services Don’t  Work Any Better Than Meeting Someone in a Bar” (Northwestern)

“People Eat Less When They Munch on Snack in Pre-Packaged Segments or Portions” (UPenn and Cornell –– They needed TWO TOP SCHOOLS for this?!)

“People Who Work Too Much Are Twice as Likely to Become Depressed” (Finnish Institute of Occupational Health)

“Men Are at Higher Risk for Memory Loss Than Women” (Mayo Clinic –– #womenarebetterthanmenineveryway)

“Good Friends Can Reduce the Effects of Stress” (Concordia University, Montreal –– operative word being “good”)

“Having an Easy-to-Say Name May Help You Get Promoted” (a team of American and Australian researchers)

“Teens Have Fewer Behavioral Problems When Parents Enforce Rules at Home” (University of Oregon)

The two shockers are:

“Topping off breakfast with a piece of chocolate cake may help dieters lose more weight” (Tel Aviv University): though I think the sentiment, which is “add a little bit of yummy fat to your Weight Watchers’ plan,” is pretty well established


“Narcissism may put men’s health at risk” (University of Michigan) –– which basically has become my new go-to comeback


(Thanks to Monitor on Psychology magazine for letting me lampoon it, and my former roommate for not forwarding her subscription to her new house.)

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