My boss is going to a dinner party next week with suicide royalty.

Dear ID,

Please tell P I am delighted he can come to dinner!  Shall we say 8.00pm?  Is there anything he doesn’t like to eat?

It will just be an informal dinner. Guests: John and Jo Spearman (old friends – he is the founding Chief Executive of Classic FM; I’ve known Jo his wife since Oxford.

Kathleen Hearst – of the Hearst family – is the new President of the American Associates of the Royal Academy of Arts, and is over from New York – so I said I’d give a supper for her.

Jasper Conran, the designer.

The Duke and Duchess of Marlborough.  Sunny and Lily – Sunny, now in his 80s, has recently remarried, to the beautiful Lily, who is of Asian extraction – and I’ve known her years.  He was a great friend of my old friend, the late Mark Birley.

Frieda Hughes is the daughter of Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath – and a triumph of optimism and sunshine, considering such a childhood!  – a poet, painter and she’s beautiful – plus Gavin Rankin, who used to run Annabel’s for Mark and now owns Bellamy’s.

Xxx B

I want to go!

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