Things You Can Do At Open Mike

At the Chulent gathering in Brooklyn, which is a party for religious folks “off the derech,” as they say, everyone is given time to, according to their email, do any of the following:

” … rant, compliment, soothe, explain, sing, read a poem, read a product label, remain silent – in protest or otherwise, be silly, be serious, tell a joke, perform a magic trick, sermonize, scream at Isaac, address your congressman, address your peers, address your letters, ask a question, ask an answer, play an instrument, show your art, impersonate someone infamous, do bird calls, catcalls, phony phone calls, show the correct way to eat a chicken wing, tell us how you would solve the problem of poverty, peace on earth, the Jewish question, demonstrate how put your best foot forward etc.”

I don’t know about poverty but I can maybe try to impersonate someone infamous

One Response to “Things You Can Do At Open Mike”

  1. DumboDomestic Says:

    sounds a bit like the Parlor Party…

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