My boyfriend and I are on vacation up in northern Michigan, so I will be MIA for a few days and not doing my usual 18 posts of nonsense every day.  My boyfriend won’t be doing much of anything except gobbling up the book he brought, no doubt influenced by me: yep, you guessed it, Infinite Jest!  I love it when I can relive the Jest via another (not in a position for a re-read just about now.)

Below is a picture of a poster I have which is a massive chart of all the characters in the tome.  It’s been on my to-frame list for a year or maybe more.  I’m going to start a Kickstarter fund: “Help ID Frame Shit and Decorate Her Apartment So That She Has a Chance of Being Featured On The Selby.”  Won’t you donate to this excellent cause?

Wow, so many characters! Created by the excellent Sam Potts.

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