Eh, Fuck It

So I’ve tried to really not post too many pretty things that I want to be purchased for me because my boyfriend is one of three followers of this blog and sometimes calls me out on basically keeping a running tally of all the gifts I would like him to give me (sometimes he’s right, sometimes not).  And this one is PARTICULARLY bad, because it’s a RING, and I’m not saying I need to get married now or any bullshit like that (trust me, I’m about done with the whole idea of a wedding at all right now, given recent experiences), but I saw this engagement ring on a shopping website the other day and am. officially. obsessed.


It’s a black fucking diamond.  So badass, and yet so beautiful.  The perfect antidote to all the boringly pure whites out there.

So why am I doing something so blatantly idiotic as posting an engagement ring when I know my boyfriend –– logical and fearless a thinker he may be –– looks at this site?  Well, it seems pretty obvious to me, a devotee of Walker Percy and all, that a lot of e-activity these days is a paltry attempt at ownership –– as in, we post a link to an article that we like because it allows us to feel that we have some active hand in its creation, or a picture of a blouse we may have seen online because by keeping a simulacrum of it on our blog (in our domain), it’s a bit like having it in our own closets.  In other words, passing the thing on, announcing our love of it, commenting on it online, these are the closest experiences we can ever have to owning the thing 100%, and while of course we should all aim towards some degree of needless Buddhist existence (especially American active-Facebookers), sometimes you can’t help but want to have something, to touch it and to keep it for yourself.  So basically I just want this beautiful thing, even in a way that is so pathetically by-proxy and associative, and I’m succumbing to my desire for one <500 word post.  I wanted to announce my attraction to it so much that I emailed a pretty prominent professional blogger who writes about cutesy stuff like baby clothes and NYC date ideas and told her she should post it.  Her response:

“haha, you are so cute!! thank you so much for writing:) oh wow, this ring is gorgeous; i really love it. i’d love to post about it soon. thank you so much for the great idea!!”

So maybe she will and maybe she won’t, but for whatever reason, it wasn’t good enough for me.  I wanted to claim it for myself, so here we are.

This is the catalyst for the creation of another retro-category, I believe: new lows.


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