This Game Is Really Fun

… but why is it still kind of scary?!  Cause I’m a chicken even when I can’t see the person’s face.

Live Chat with J. Crew online shopping specialist.

Thank you for shopping J.Crew–a specialist will be with you shortly.

You are now chatting with Sara S.

You: Hi Sara

Sara S: Hello! How may I help you today?

You: Well I’m looking at these Macalister High-Hell Ankle Boots

You: and they’re really nice, similar to a style I’ve wanted for a while

You: but then I’m plagued by this nagging existential nausea that after this, there will just be more to want

You: and forever and ever, until we die

Sara S: Did you have any other questions for me regarding our merchandise?

You: Do these boots run small at all?

Sara S: May I have the item number?

You: 98527

Sara S: No, but if you are a half-size, you should order up.

You: Because of socks, probably.

Sara S: No, it is because this item is not offered in half sizes.

You: Oh, yes, or that.

You: Are you a real person?

Sara S: Did you have any other questions about any other items?

Sara S: Yes, I am.

You: Wow. Technology.

Macalister Boots do not come in half sizes, and do not ward against death.


2 Responses to “This Game Is Really Fun”

  1. Nicole Zelyez Says:


    • itinerantdaughter Says:

      I want to do a series of these with various online chat specialists –– airline booking agents and credit card advisors and the like. My lawyer has assured me that as long as I play it cool, there will be no cause for litigation.

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