Presented With Minimal Comment

I’m pretty sick right now, and just slogged through a three day novel contest (and yes, wrote a novel –– more accurately, a novella –– in just three days!) so I’m not really in a place to be educating or writing or operating heavy machinery, metaphysical or otherwise, so here’s a little video clip of the first part of the episode of This Is Your Life featuring Frances Farmer.  If you don’t know who Frances Farmer is, please review the following:

1. Any nutshell biography of Frances so you get the foundation

2. Frances’ award-winning essay, written when she was just 17, titled “God Dies” (published both on this blog and elsewhere)

3. The film Frances starring Jessica Lange and Sam Shepard in a role which is enormously grating (he still looks good, though)

4. The song “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle” by Nirvana

Then watch the below, and report back to me.  (Still searching for the show Frances did –– post-lobotomy? –– called “Frances Farmer Presents,” but YouTube doesn’t seem to have it.  Paley Center, here I come!)

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