What Does Your Brain Look Like, Yayoi?

In the latest issue of Bullett magazine, my friend HG interviews Yayoi Kusama (“Don’t be too jealous –– it was just an email interview”) and asks the all important question: what does your brain look like?  For the record, Yayoi’s answer isn’t nearly as good as the answers of my participants, found here.

HG: What do you think your brain looks like?

YK: The image of it is always changing, and it’s difficult to explain my own brain.  I think it would be much easier if someone else describes the image of my brain. (footnotes 2 and 3)

2: “Oh, to be a neuron in Kusama’s brain.”  ~Joshua Jackson, actor [ed note: what?!]

3: “And if we read her installations as images of her mind, then the dots could be taken to represent the millions of neurons that exist in the brain.” ~From Walking in My Mind, Hayward Gallery Publishing, 2009

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