I’ll Give It to the Nonsense Listserv

This sounds pretty fun:


NYC Fifth Annual Big Wheel Race

Welcome back to Fluff’s Fifth Annual NYC Big Wheel race. The past five years have shown us the marvels of madness with Ice Wheels, speed trials and countless four-wheeling events on three wheels. We’re back to the brouhaha that started it all.

Bring your own Big Wheel. This includes: Big Wheels, trikes, velocipedes, skateboards you can sit on and control, ice boxes, toilets with wheels, soapbox vessels, or other hand made or rehashed contraptions.

The rules are as follows: Your seat or bottom must be no higher than 12 inches above the ground. Avoid rubber wheels; plastic or other is favored. Wear safety gear. Riders have been known to break 30mph. This is open to everyone. You ride at your own risk. We’ll use both the Rocket Path and the Danger Loop.

Costumes: superheroes are encouraged to dress the part and ride as the heroes they are. Wonder Woman, we miss you, please come back. Performers: If you’d like to play your guitar, bring your hoop, spin poi, or teach us all how to paint small children’s faces please do so.

Central Park

106th Street and 5th Avenue entrance, walk up to the top of the path, Manhattan

3p photos, 3:30p racing, 5:30p enchiladas; $free


Then again, I’ve always been a sucker for those pillow fight people.

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