Okay Now You’re Just Blatantly Stealing

skinny house!

So when I heard that a Polish architect had volunteered to build a really skinny house in an alleyway for Israeli writer Etgar Keret, I of course immediately jumped on that shit.  Below is an email I sent to his publicist over a year ago:

Dear AD,

Apologies if you’re the wrong person to reach out to about this (I also emailed Ofer Ziv.)  I’m a freelance writer and editor based in Brooklyn, New York, and a longtime fan of Etgar Keret’s work.  A colleague sent me a link to this story about the “Keret House” that is being constructed in Warsaw.

I’m wondering if, first of all, Mr. Keret is still planning to participate in the project (is he going to live in this slip of a thing?!) and also if he does still want to invite writers and creators into the space when he occupies it.  I think it would make a fantastic story,kind of a no-brainer On Location piece in Home and Gardens section of the Times, though maybe there are already scribes lined up to cover it.

Your response is greatly appreciated!  Hope you are well and having a lovely week.

And lo and behold, what is the “On Location” article this week in the Times?  You guessed it.

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