A True Testament to Romantic Love

Fucking delicious.  In case you can’t read, “halfsies” are half curly fries, half regular fries.

ML: i wish i were a pothead

me: omg HALFSIES

that’s the most amazing thing i’ve ever heard of in my life

ML: what just the halfsies

or the whole thing

i can’t believe it’s only $6

me: no the halfsies are amazing!

i’ve never heard of such a thing!

ML: hahah

me: wait

where the fuck is this meal available?

ML: jack in the box!

me: we. must. go.

i’m getting brunch burger

ML: oh plum

sometimes i feel like you and i are just meant to be

me: we ARE

ML: the nearest is in ohio

me: you know what else is meant to be?

ML: what?

me: me and HALFSIES

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