144th Street and Convent Avenue

House porn.  Big time.

House porn. Big time.

I wasn’t the first, I’m sure, to make a pilgrimage to the house at 144th and Convent, which has become famous as the house of the fictional Tenenbaum family.  During my freshman orientation at college, I decided to take a little journey deep into Harlem, where I subsequently got stranded and had to call a friend to meet me back at the corner of 115th and Broadway to pay for my taxi.  (There were ten million better ways I could have handled this, but I was a stupid eighteen-year-old, so cut me some slack!)

I’ve been contemplating buying the below print from the People’s Print Shop in order to be able to be with the house always, but honestly, the movie itself doesn’t hold so much of the same romantic draw it once did, as Anderson I feel is a rather twee filmmaker –– the house, however does, so if someone would like to arrange for me to take a private tour of it or to live in a spire bedroom for two weeks, I’d prefer that as a gift.  Merci!

111 Archer Avenue

111 Archer Avenue

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