Baby Molla

A while back, a video called Lovely Owl went way viral, mostly due to the footage of an adorable baby owl practically purring while being pet.  The video was shot at an owl sanctuary in Italy called I Falconieri delle Orobie, which I emailed yesterday to ask for an update on the little fella (lady, it turns out.)  Apparently Vice magazine had a similar idea to me, but they actually did a fancy follow-up and went to the sanctuary itself to play with the owls.  Below is my interaction with I Falconieri (my Italian is very limited.)




Me: Molla!  Come sta?

I: Molla  sta  bene  e  presto  metteremo su  fb delle    nuove foto  … Grazie

[Rough translation: She’s good and now you can see a new photo on Facebook.]

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