Even Charming Pretty Girls Who Have New Kittens Can Have Bad Days

Reasons Why I Wanted to Control-Alt-Delete My Day

1. I stayed up until 3 AM for no real reason other than that I was stressed and also somewhat engrossed in an episode of a very bad television show.

2. I awoke feeling totally cracked out and already exhausted.

3. I got a piece back from an editor who said that while there was interesting stuff contained within, I “didn’t lay out the facts coherently.”

4. I had to oversee my boss’s pre-colonoscopy regimen (only juice and jello and laxatives for 24 hours) which resulted in him phoning his doctor at 3:30 and whining to the secretary that he was SO HUNGRY THIS CAN’T BE NORMAL.  (She was less than sympathetic.)

5. Others, on which I won’t elaborate.

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