“While my wife was pregnant with our fourth child, she was called for jury duty.  Since her due date was looming, her doctor wrote a letter to the court, asking for an exemption.  When I went to the courthouse office to deliver the letter (my wife was at work), I was taken aback by how long the line was.  Everyone had a reason for trying to get out of jury duty.  When it was my turn to talk to the clerk, I proudly explained that we were expecting our fourth child, which was due at any moment.  I expected the clerk to coo with delight and maybe wish me mazel tov.  Instead, she berated me in front of everyone in the office.

“The angry clerk asked in a loud voice, ‘How can you have four children when the world is overpopulated?  You’re a drain on the planet!’

“I put up with her length lecture in silence –– and was rewarded with that exemption.  As I walked away, I overheard the next woman in line explaining her jury-duty excuse: she was a contestant on The Biggest Loser and couldn’t miss her only chance for reality television fame and fortune.  Not only did she get her exemption, but the clerk insisted on having her picture taken with the future celebrity.”

~ Simcha Weinstein, The Case for Children

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