Everybody Hurts Sometimes

So I got REAMED by some blogger for a piece I wrote that was published in two places, and I was really hurt by it despite the fact that I know intellectually that everyone goes for everyone’s jugular, particularly online.  I was hurt by it… until I read the post he wrote before he wrote the one in which he basically called me cruel, a bad writer, and a symbol of my narcissistic, silly generation.  Here it is, below.  It’s titled “Shopping in Working Class Neighborhoods,” and yes, it appears to be serious:

“I managed to sleep, albeit fitfully, for two hours. When I awoke at 8:30 it became rather swiftly apparent that the stomach cramping that woke me up at three in the morning was the first rumblings of the dread stomach flu that has just begin making the rounds in Southern California; since I frequently patronize commercial establishments in working class neighborhoods, not to mention discount stores like the 99 Cents Only chain and Shim’s in Fletcher Square, where the patrons are less likely to have medical insurance and, hence, more likely to be out and about while carrying a virus, it’s no surprise that I caught the bug, despite wearing gloves at all times while out in public.

“With that much said, I need the immediate help of someone, anyone, as soon as possible. I need to go to Ralph’s and purchase a pre-cooked broasted chicken ($6.90), saltines, and soup. White meat chicken and saltines always settles intestinal distress for me. Some 7-Up would help as well. There’s something else I need to pick up while out as well but I cannot recall at the moment what it is. In any event, the $4.60 current remaining balance on Paypal ain’t gonna cut it and I would like to get out and about and safely back home before I become too ill to go anywhere (and more viral, raising the possibility of infecting other shoppers — it’s the butler’s day off, you see).

“Anyone who can render some emergency financial aid, my Paypal is —–.

“And if you haven’t got your flu shot yet (which I kept delaying until it was too late this year) go do so ASAP because this, to quote Warren Zevon, just ain’t pretty at all.”

I will certainly be sending $5 to his Pay Pal with the accompanying note: “Dear Mr. X, Sorry to hear about your flu, and your stymied career writing porn.  Feel better!  One More Twenty-Odd-Year-Old Narcissist.”

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