I got at my work email a rather spammy sounding email from a publishing company advertising a new work by a man named Mikhail Armalinsky.  No other information is required.

M. Armalinsky was born in Leningrad, USSR in 1947 and resides in Minneapolis, USA since 1977.
He is called the King of Russian Erotic Literature.
Mikhail Armalinsky is not just another talented Russian author, but the revolutionary profit of erotic religion. No Russian author reached the depths of human sexual mentality as Armalinsky did.

His new book has just came out in Moscow

by Mikhail Armalinsky
Short stories and essays. (in Russian)
Ladomir Publisher, Moscow, 2012
528 p., hard cover
ISBN 978-5-86218-503-4
The book comprise Armalinsky’s short stories and essays written from 1999 to 2010 that have originally appeared in his blog General Erotic (GE). Includes his controversial works like:
Einstein as a Fucker and I as Einstein,
Ideal Rape
The Benefit of Sexual Pleasure for Children and others.

Armalinsky is also the publisher of Russian authors of erotic literature
He is the editor of the following collections:
Children’s Erotic Folklore
Russian Shameless Proverbs and Sayings
The First Almanac of Russian Erotic Literature “Copulation”

Armalinsky has translated and published first complete Russian edition of “Philosophy in the Bedroom” by Marquis de Sade.

Since 1999 Armalinsky publishes General Erotic Literary Magazine (in Russian) on Internet
The New York’ Museum of Sex has acquired genital flag by Mikhail Armalinsky. The title of that symbolic art piece is “United State.”
In 1989 “United State” flag made the cover of “Screw Magazine”.

You are welcome to read the translation from Russian of Mikhail Armalinsky’s essay on prostitution “A She-Savior” that was published in Moscow edition of his Selected Works. The translation is made by the prominent Slavic scholar Dr. Brian Baer.

The main idea of the essay “A She-Savior” is that the legalization of prostitution must be based on a return of its divine, sacred character, so that prostitution will be considered the most honorable profession, the one closest to God, the holiest.

Here are the chapters:

A Short History of Prostitution
A Comprehensive Definition of the Prostitute
Why Young Men Need Prostitutes
Why the Lonely Need Prostitutes
Why Married Men Need Prostitutes
Why the Poor Need Prostitutes
Why Old Men Need Prostitutes
Why the Sick and Deformed Need Prostitutes
Why Every Man Needs a Prostitute
The Prostitute and the “Proper” Woman
The Causes and Incentives of Prostitution
Hatred of Prostitutes
The Future of Prostitution

I would be happy to provide you with more information.

2 Responses to “SPAM?”

  1. Alex Sokolov Says:

    Instead of questioning if it is spam, better read Armalinsky’s “A She-Savior” and Pushkin’s Secret Journal 1836-1837 he published. Very useful and enjoyable reading.

    • itinerantdaughter Says:

      I will! What I meant was that the format of the note –– plus the fact that I received four unsolicited emails in close succession all promoting the same material –– made me suspicious. It wasn’t the content.

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