Because You Watched…

So I’ve been quite for a week (if only I were given such latitude in real life!) because I had THE FLU!  The dreaded flu.  And yes, it was horrible, and yes, I will never, ever eschew getting a flu shot again, but I did get to lie in bed and watch about 70 movies for four days, even though of the 70 movies I probably only finished about 10 due to sleepiness.  Oddly enough, my choice in movies while sick is very different from my choice in movies while well/sober.

Well: Preferably European art house with no discernible plot and only a vague moral about the meaninglessness of life

Sick: 90s American made by a big studio, preferably starring Julia Roberts

I know, embarrassing, but I tell you this because after watching a particular choice Roberts flick, I noticed that Netflix was offering me a very strange suggestion.  It said: “Because you watched Sleeping With the Enemy,” why not try:

Screen shot 2013-04-02 at 6.28.57 PM

which is really pretty hilarious, if you think about it.  Also, is that the real cover of the show’s DVDs or did Netflix employees, tasked with designing their own, just say, “Aw hell, fuck these people?”

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