ID: i pussy out of everything

i’m a fucking coward

LB: me too

do you think that’s a taurus trait?

ID: hm good question

and i always always lie to save my own ass

LB: i’m exactly the same way

ID: i’ve always done that

when i was a kid

i would just lie over and over again to get out of something

LB: i once told my teacher that i had a mentally handicapped older sister to get out of something

so then i had to start going to the guidance counselor because they knew that was a lie.

but i’m so stubborn that i stuck with it.


oh my g-d

that is the funniest thing i’ve ever heard in my life

LB: what kind of 7 year old makes shit up like that?

ID: i have no idea

LB: i also wanted an older sister so badly that i thought the most plausible way to make people think i had one without ever having met her was that she was handicapped.

it seemed totally logical at the time

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