RIP Taylor Mead

My colleague HW and I had only one epic night with Mr. Mead at the Bowery Poetry Club.  During the course of this evening, he threw pieces of paper with his poetry written on it into the audience, and then afterward told us about how many pills he took while his shaky hands lightly held a glass of whisky.  (We drank his floater after he left, holding the arm of his babysitter.)  We had always planned to go back and watch the Taylor Mead Show again, but we didn’t move fast enough, because Mead passed away yesterday.  While Googling him, I was surprised that so few of his poems are posted on the web.  Below is the transcription of “Thing & Dirty”… although it may not be totally accurate, because I based it on this audio recording, in which Mead sounds, well, like he’s done too much Vicodin.  (Also, NSFW!)

Rest in peace, little man.

A garden is a shithouse fooby (?)
A locker up your asshole, cutie

I love you, you prick ass baby

Shit on a ticket and knock her through your wicket

or kick it, yeah, babydoll

mother fuck cock, cock

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

(Musical interlude)
I want to lick his ass


(Musical interlude)
I’ll suck his nipples

around his nipples

under his arms

down his middle around his stomach

his bellybutton

the hair below it to the great thing between his legs

(musical interlude)
On top of it, soft, around

down, a chasm between the mountains point, flesh

round, deep into my throat

down, slowly, too far away


“Take it bitch”
“I can’t breathe!”
“Take it!  Swallow.”

Roll over on my stomach, the great thing dribbles down my back

(Musical interlude)
Gradually finds my buttocks and into them plunges

Slippery slip it

Gradually artistically lubricatingly

ecstatically slowly plunges into my hot whole lips

(musical interlude)
His hands surround my breasts

his lips and nape

his tongue licks thickly

my nape of neck

and hair

a charge suffuses me

(musical interlude)


(musical interlude)
he grips tighter, warmer

his arm muscles flex out against the pressure

he puts on me

oh, and up, over

he throbs on me

for a time his arm slipped down around my middle

his buttocks working greatly

(musical interlude)
his hands on my cock and balls

(musical interlude)

up all over and squeeze

(musical interlude)
my stomach, my sides, ow!

(musical interlude)

still he goes

rolling around, down, away

we tie forever each other

oozingly, graciously, fleshly to eternity

(musical interlude)

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