I know I maybe post a little too many events from the Nonsense listserv, but you can’t blame me for being unable to resist the urge to share this.  You’ll understand by the end of the first sentence.

Anthropomorphic Mouse Taxidermy Class

Anthropomorphic taxidermy – a practice in which taxidermied animals are posed as if engaged in human activities – was an artform made famous by Victorian taxidermist and museologist Walter Potter. In this class, as profiled by the New York Times, students will learn to create – from start to finish – anthropomorphic mice inspired by the charming and imaginative work of Mr. Potter. Your final project might take the form of a bespectacled, whiskey swilling, top hat tipping mouse; or perhaps a rodent mermaid queen of the burlesque world. With some props and some artful styling, your mouse can become whatever or whomever you want; this is the joy of anthropomorphic taxidermy.

This class will teach students everything involved in producing a fully finished mount, including initial preparation, hygiene and sanitary measures, fleshing, tail stripping, and dry preservation. Once properly preserved, the mice will be posed and outfitted as the student desires, with a selection of props and accessories provided. Students are also encouraged to bring their own accessories and bases. All other supplies will be provided for use in class. Each student will leave class with a fully finished piece, and the knowledge to create their own pieces in the future.


The Observatory

543 Union Street, Brooklyn

June 14, 6:30p; $110



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