Meh, Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed posted a list recently of “19 Successful People Who Had a Rough Time in Their Twenties,” and while it’s mostly nice (who doesn’t like to hear about people having a hard time?) there’s one entry I would like to take exception with, and that is the following:

Also, I think he might be a douche.

Also, I think he might be a douche.

See now, they’re saying he had a tough time because he bounced around punk bands but a) he also had an enormous opportunity at 22, which would have provided an ego boost on which to coast for at least a little while, whereas a lot of the rest of us do naught but contemplate suicide or religious service for five-ten yeras and b) he founded DFA Records at 29, which technically is still a part of one’s twenties.  The biggest annoyance here is that HE WAS OFFERED A JOB WRITING FOR SEINFELD AT 22!  That’s not exactly a “rough time,” regardless of whether or not you accept the job.

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