Raw Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl

Prepare for me to sound very self-important in this post, or at least drop a bunch of terms that are designed to not-so-subtle way to inform you that I am important:

My agent was brainstorming things I should write about or muse on because my thoughts are just SO in demand, and she came across the above-titled excellent manifesto, which was written in the late ’90s by a French art collective called Tiqqun Tiqqun.  The manifesto seeks to explain the imperialist system’s creation of an eternal adolescent female as the ultimate consumer.  It’s kind of frightening to read it when you have some Young-Girl qualities yourself, or were perhaps a quintessential Young-Girl once, but then again, it’s very Young-Girlish to see yourself in everything, so I’m just trying to not let it drive me to endless introspection.  You can download the whole thing here.  An excellent portion:

“The Young-Girl enjoys speaking of her childhood with great emotion, to suggest that she hasn’t gotten beyond it, and that fundamentally she’s remained naive.  Like all whores, she dreams of innocence.  But, distinct from them, she demands to be believed, and believed sincerely.  Her childishness, which is, in the end, but a fundamentalism of infancy, makes her the most cunning vector of the general infantilization.

For the Young-Girl, even the meanest sentiments still have the prestige of their sincerity.”

I am fucking. riveted.

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