My former boss is hosting a goat roast.  Ever received an invite to a goat roast?  Me neither!  Here’s what it looks like:

“As a result of experience I had in European Latin countries, and conversations that D and I have had on the subject of meats that one can grill, we’ve decided jointly to grill and barbeque a goat and organize a dish which the Italians or the Spanish call cabrito.

“We’ve already started some research with specialty butchers and instructional information respecting Latino methodology. We’ve decided for all sorts of culinary reasons not to go the spit method, although it has its charms. We’ve loaded things against ourselves as the route we’re going takes 7 hours to do as perfectly as we have planned.

The date and venue are as follows:

Date: Saturday September 28th with a rain date – only if it looks like it will pour – of Sunday September 29th.

Time: 1:30PM

“There will of course be Hudson Valley imbibements. Right now we’re working on some home brew. Please come and, since we are the most organized of people, let us know pretty damn quick as the goat has to be pre-ordered. We’re planning on a Hudson Valley goat for those interested in these recondite subjects.

“Goat cheese is de rigeur, but not goat’s milk… which would not be kosher! (Neither would goat cheese but we are not an Orthodox group).

“There will be some veg alternatives.

“Any dessert will be gratefully accepted, since D and I, this time, will be too busy for our normal baking specialties (pumpkins not accepted despite the season).

“Partners in any combination and of any description more than okay, with a limit of two per, since xx Something Street was voted the Most Decent Location in the Hudson Valley in the 2012 December Issue of Hudson Valley Magazine (copies available on request).

“Please do let us know.”

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