This Is Part of My Job

I am a cultural critic.  It’s probably the most obnoxious job title a person can have––what gives ME the right to critique society?  Nothing, really, other than that I have a decent vocabulary, I’m pretty curmudgeonly, and I elbowed my way into getting paid simply for stating my opinions and developing my own theories.  That, and I’m usually right.

To my budding cultural critics out there: watch the below video of a young girl wowing the audience during an episode of Holland’s Got Talent, and write me a short email answering the following two questions.

1. What is wrong with this video?  (Focus on the part after she starts singing.)

2. What larger flaw in our culture (being Western, intellectual, consumerist, etc. etc.––if you’re reading this, you’re probably in it) does this video’s flaw indicate?

Extra credit: How can we prevent this girl from going by way of Susan Boyle?  (I myself have no idea.  I’m just genuinely curious.)

Good luck, pundits.

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