I cannot believe I forgot to blog about my genius art project with my crafty friend LM.  It’s been on Etsy for ages and for reasons completely beyond me, did not manage to go viral.  For your consideration: Carcosan Mirror.

Its shape is that of time.

Its shape is that of time.

Hello there.

Hello there.

And here is the genius copy I wrote for it:

This mirror is 1.5” in diameter. Gazing into it, you can see a little more than one eye, in addition to the depths of your dark, depraved soul. Perfect for the anti-natalist in your life who doesn’t care about her hairdo, or the hard-drinking chain smoker who’d rather contemplate the non-linear nature of time than watch football with his buddies. Looks great on bare, slightly discolored walls.

If shipping domestically, mirror will arrive between 3-7 business days, and arrive over and over again as you eternally wander around the flat circle of time that is your life.

Questions: email Dora Lange at itinerantdaughterandson [!at] PLEASE NOTE that the manufacturers are on vacation in the Bayou until Sunday, March 9th, and will fill orders after they return… if they do at all.


In case you want to grab one before my listing expires, here is the link.

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