Temple Grandin Sums Up Society

And methinks she’s pretty on the mark:

“I take all the rules of the world and place them into four categories: Really Bad Things, things like burning down buildings, robbing banks, killing people, torturing people. Things that any civilized society you would go to jail for. Then you have your Courtesy Rules. They help people get along. There is the Illegal But Not Bad, where someone might download a movie illegally. And then you have Sins of the System that are very society-specific. You’ve got to behave yourself at the airport now. In this country we are allowed to criticize the president but we’re not allowed to threaten him. You’d better know the difference. If you go to some other country you get thrown in jail if you just criticize the president. That’s Sins of the System stuff. There are rules, especially about sex. If you break those rules there are draconian penalties.”

One Response to “Temple Grandin Sums Up Society”

  1. Matthew Levy Says:

    Stick to cows, lady.

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